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Thru App

Thru is a mobile application that let user bypass the waiting time and order ahead.
It facilitates orders since user can get orders inside his/her vehicle

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Mobile Applications

Thru App: A Drive-Thru Ordering Solution

Thru app is an innovative application that allows customers to order and pay for their food and drinks from their vehicles, without having to wait in line. The app aims to provide convenience, speed and safety for both customers and store owners. In developing the application, we followed a four-step process:

  1. System Analysis: We collected the requirements and created the Business Requirements Document (BRD). Then we designed the models and use cases for the two user classes: customers and store owners. We decided to make two separate apps for each user class, with different functionalities and features. Here is an overview of the system architecture: imageUse Cases

  2. Wireframing: We sketched out the wireframes of the app screens and the user flow. We made sure to include all the essential elements and information for each screen. Here is an example of a wireframe: Wireframes

  3. UI/UX: We designed the user interface and user experience of the app, using a modern and intuitive style. We ensured that the developers had all the necessary assets and guidelines to start coding. Here is a sample of the UI/UX design: ScreenshotsScreenshots

  4. MVP Development: We developed the minimum viable product (MVP) of the app, using agile methodology and parallel development. The backend developers used Laravel and REST API to create the server-side logic and communication. The frontend developers used Flutter to build the cross-platform mobile app.

We used various technologies and systems to create a robust and user-friendly app, such as:

Authorization System: Ensures secure and personalized access for users.

Ordering System: Facilitates smooth ordering and payment processes.

Wallet System: Allows users to maintain a digital wallet for easy payments.

Reservation System: Helps users reserve tables.

Notifications System: Keeps users informed about the status of their orders and reservations.

Vehicles System: Allows customers to register their vehicles for a smoother drive-thru experience.

Location and Nearest Stores System: Helps users find the closest participating restaurants and coffee shops.

Branches System: Assists store owners in managing multiple locations.

Products Systems: Streamlines product management for store owners.

Menu System: Facilitates easy menu updates and customization.

Employees System: Empowers store owners to manage employees and their responsibilities.

Versioning System: Ensures that users always have access to the latest features and improvements.